Denali Global


Initial Designs

Denali Global is a real estate investment partnership with a mission to locate, acquire, manage, hold, and sell real estate and real estate-backed assets in order to generate profits for investors and strengthen local communities.  I provided several options reflecting the modern, clean aesthetic my client requested, while appealing to their younger target audience.


Primary Logo + Color Palette

The final house graphic element was inspired by the mission of the company. The san serif typeface provides a modern look to the brand and the the bold, contrasting color palette, steered by the client's vision, reflects a fresh, timeless feel and an energy behind the brand.

business card.jpg

Business Cards

The business card was printed on silky matte paper with the house graphic on the front and the logo on the back printed with a glossy, textured, raised spot gloss.  The design of the card allowed the brand to further project its clean, modern, and unique aesthetic.